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Hi!  Glad you stopped by. Here you’ll find my background, some of my writings, and hear my voiceovers. Poetry and essays are my favorite Writings, and in Voiceovers, you’ll hear my sample narratives, commercials, poetry from my book/DVD, Lake Reflections,as well as an NPR commentary. All those were possible because I used skills from jobs in new ways.

My past work was in non-profit agencies, the corporate world, and my own business. I often received job training in writing and presentation skills. Later, when I wanted to reinvent myself and follow my passion, those skills proved more useful than I expected. What fun to use them for pleasure! In my career, I was lucky to have some terrific bosses who not only taught me skills, but also valuable life lessons. They helped me realize the many ways we are all connected. Hopefully when you read my poems or listen to my voiceovers here, you’ll recognize some of those universal lessons that connect us all.   

One of my favorite proverbs is, “Every ending is a new beginning.” In my Bio, you’ll see how each job I had often led me to the next. Perhaps after seeing that, you’ll start thinking about your skills and get an idea for your new beginning, whenever that is. Happy reinventing!


Jacqueline F. Jones
Davidson, NC

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